Church History

Since very few records of the earliest settlers in our immediate area are in existence, we can only speculate as to how Mt. Pleasant was named.  Even though we may have many hills in our area, there is certainly no hill that could be called a "mount."  We do not even know where the "Pleasant" came from, but we like to believe that our community has always been a pleasant and friendly place to live and raise families.

Another possible reason for our name is a conclusion of my own, and it has no factual proof other than a few nonrefutable facts.   In Samuel Cole Williams' History of the Lost State of Franklin, we are told that John Sevier, governor of the State of Franklin and later of Tennessee itself, lived on a plantation along the banks of the Nolachuckey in Washington County.  The name of the plantation was "Mount Pleasant."  Sevier had many, many loyal followers in this area.  One family, the Evans', figure prominently in our first church's history.  I believe that the community was named as an honor to John Sevier and his home.  The late 1700's were similar to the late 1900's in that people liked to name various things in honor of heroes, and John Sevier was the idol of the common man in early Tennessee history.

Regardless of the reason, our forefathers named our community Mt. Pleasant, and that is the name it has carried for the past 200 years.


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